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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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♪ (music playing) hi everybody i'm gerri willis. the sale of the clippers. the class of 2014 graduates with the most debt ever. we have the right way for parents and graduates to deal with all of those loans. and the hottest trend in bathroom makeovers, the high tech toilet. we are watching out for you on "the willis report"." the v.a. scandal taking a turn many predicted and called
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for, the resignation of eric shinseki. now attention turns to next steps. will the resignation be a prelude to more fallout. and how can the institution, 1,700 hospitals and clinics and employees, how can it rebuild. joining me now is republican congress woman from indiana. we have reported the secret waiting list, what was your reaction today when shinseki resigned? >> i'm grateful that he did resign. and i am equally as eager now to move to the next step. i think the important thing to talk about here is that his resignation is just step one in a long process. this is not the end of the story. this opens up the story and allows what has to happen in step two.
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we have to continue our oversight on the veteran affairs committee. we have to make sure that the investigation which i believe will be criminal in things which come out of the investigation. here is what we know. we know there is a body of people inside the v.a. in middle management structure that deliberately invented this scheme with the waiting lists. the unbelievable number of things that happened and we know veterans died. because of that this is a moment -- it is not a great moment for this country. should not be a celebration that he resigned. this gives us the plateau that says if we don't drill down and root the people out it will happen again. there is a systemic failure in this country. >> this is a multi decade story
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at this point that has gotten attention at different times. it is interesting you went to middle management because that was my question. sure the head of the organization is gone. shinseki is gone. he was really just a figure head, a guy riding atop this massive organization that clearly has a cultural problem. they don't know how to run this thing and make it make sense for the vets and not themselves. how do you fix that? >> absolutely. my hope is that we bring somebody in with a large hospital management background. this is going to take a lot of courage. it is going to take courage for the american people to continue to stand as we root out corruption. it will take corruption for whoever comes in to go through this line by line. i expect people to go to jail. people died. the reason today happened is because there is massive corruption and it has been
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unurged. we have the proof and now we have to find the people connected to it. i will hold them accountable. i hope politics does not enter into this. this has been a bipartisan group. it has been a bipartisan committee. the thing for all of us to do now is drill down, stay focused, find the solution and set these wrongs right. that's the ultimate focus. >> we have heard this before. i want you to hear the president talking about this very issue. >> all with a simple mission, cut those back logs, slash those wait times, deliver your benefits sooner. i know you have heard this for years but the leadership and resources we are providing this time means that we are going to be able to do it. that is our mission and we are going to be able to make it happen. >> congress woman, that was the president in 2009, 2009.
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so why should we believe that you are going to find a path forward now? what is different? >> i'm not the president of the united states. i am from the state of indiana. i am one congress woman on that committee for 18 months. i have held their feet to the fire and i represent 54,000 veterans in my district. i think the authority of this jurisdiction of this committee has seen the completion of step one which is the removal of secretary shinseki. the american people have their ears on. that is the difference. the accountability, shining the light and transparency is where this has to start. it is greater than the president. it is now the american people who are going to hold everybody accountable. you should hold everybody accountable. i think the media has done a fantastic job of shining light on this and continuing to talk about it so the american people stay engaged. i believe in the time i am there it will make a difference
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because if we show results then we get the trust back with the american people. >> i agree it is a big problem. there isn't a lot of trust with washington. i appreciate watt you are trying to do. what do vets do? shinseki had promised he would allow vets to go outside the system, that there would be waivers that they could use. is that going to happen? what happens to people who really want to see a doctor and are worried that the mess in the v.a. is not going to accommodate them? >> i think vets should take advantage -- there is a rule being imposed across the country with these vet hospitals that will allow them to seek treatment outside of that area. i would tell you that the v.a. itself that came in to testify wednesday night in the v.a. committee, we went toe-to-toe to make sure we are going to get the promised desired care to veterans while we clean up this mess. there is a nationwide audit that
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will look at every single v.a. clinic in the nation and surrounding clinics with them so we make sure we deliver the promised services to the veterans after we ask them to fight for our freedom. we have taken step one today. what is different? we have completed step one and step two is on the way. >> thanks for coming on the show. appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. on the v.a. there are 20 million vets in america and you have to think that a few thousand of them tonight are seeking medical care. with the v.a. in disarray what do you do if you are one of our nation's heroes? according to concerned veterans of america get the care you need from a private source if necessary. if you have medicare, medicaid or private insurance seek care under those policies but don't stay away from the doctor. on a different topic tonight, donald sterling and the clippers. he vowed he wouldn't sell but it
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turns out he was wrong about that, too. former microsoft chairman is paying $2 billion for the team. the sale has big implications for all of sports and all fans. with us now j.t. the brick. will the league quickly approve this? how fast can this happen? do other approvals have to be sought throughout the league? >> they are trying to get the transaction done quickly so the owners don't have to out donald sterling. ballmer is the perfect owner. he is one of the richest billionaires in this country. he loves this brand of nba basketball. that shouldn't be a problem at all. this is the most outlandish and ridiculous and bizarre sports transaction pending in the history of sports.
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donald sterling makes racist remarks. he is going to lose his team. now he is rewarded with a sales price of up to $2 billion on a property that he paid $12.5 million for in '81. you would think he would not lose money on the transaction but would be a bit of a discount for the buyer. it is the opposite. sterling embarrassed his brand, his family and will get rewarded more than any individual owner in the history of sports. >> here is his return on investment. 15,900%. that is a slam dunk. i think you have to say that. the big question tonight is will the clippers stay in l.a.? is there a chance they will move the team? >> i had a guest on from fox sports 1. we debated it on the radio yesterday. you have to wonder what
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ballmer's ulterior motive will be. the nba owners might want to keep him in los angeles. they are on the mount rushmore of the worst franchises ever. there is not one owner in the nba that cares about the clippers. they care about steve ballmer because he increased net asset value of every franchise. if he wants to move the team down the road and they build an arena in seattle it will be no problem breaking the lease. they are not even the primary lease holder at staples center. they are the junior varsity to the lakers. if ballmer goes to seattle he will be a conquering hero. i think he keeps it in l.a. because he wants to be an l.a. celebrity. there are 19 billionaires living in l.a. he has the opportunity to be another one. he is going to be a star from
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rodeo drive up to staples center. >> have a good weekend. >> you, too. the clippers' sale is a lesson for all families. it raises important legal and financial questions about transferring control and selling assets. let's bring in estate attorney. stewart kohn. many questions tonight as we look through this. first of all, shelly sterling, the estranged wife, is the one who signed the final document on the sale. how can this be true? they are not even together anymore. >> it appears that the team was owned by a trust shelly and donald sterling's family trust of which donald was the trustee. but it appears after seeing the document, it appears that the trust document had a provision
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that if a determination was made that donald could not handle his financial affairs he would be removed as the trustee and shelly would step in as the successor trustee. >> he was found to be mentally incapacitated. what was the mechanism for that? did he go to a doctor's office? is this common? >> it is very common in trust documents. to avoid a court proceeding which is time consuming and expensive often times the document will provide that a determination to be made by an individual, the spouse or often times an attending physician or a team of attending physicians. it may very well be that the physicians made that decision here. >> you know, he had said he would do everything in his power to keep this team. it didn't happen. does that tell us something tonight about how well he is doing if he is declared mentally
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incapacitied and forced to go back on his promises? >> it does. interesting that the battle may end up being with his wife and the trust itself, to contest that determination. >> as the rest of america watches this and everybody is watching this case day by day, what is the take away? what should people know about trusts and estates and the law and what is legally required of them as they plan for the future? >> well, a trust like this is not uncommon. it's a very standard part of an estate plan. and we often times will include provisions to help ease administration in situations in which the trustee or the trust is determined to be incapacitated. we want to avoid the prolonged
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court proceeding that would be required if a document was silent. so this is just an example, however, of how that could be used. it's an extreme example but nonetheless an example of how it could go wrong. >> more money more problems i guess. thanks for coming on tonight. >> my pleasure. still a lot more to come this hour including your voice. during the show you can facebook me or tweet me or send us an e-mail. later in the hour i will read your tweets and e-mails, what you heard, what you wanted to hear and what we are missing. they are young, full of promise and full of debt. the graduating class of 2014 has the most student debt ever. we know the problem. coming up we will find some solutions. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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gerri: the class of 2014 graduating with the highest student debt levels ever,
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$1.2 trillion. that level can be crippling for folks just starting their careers but it doesn't have to be. we have ashley pratt with young america foundation. ashley, welcome to the show. we have really disturbing numbers here. 67% of students graduating with debt between 10,000 and $70,000. we know the averages is something like $30,000. what are steps you can take to get that debt under control? >> certainly, gerri, i think here what the most important thing for cents to remember, don't file for bankruptcy, whatever you do don't do that. there are ways to work with the lender to make your payment. you can have an interest-only payment where you work it out with the lender you can pay back interest. if you defer loans, and students looking to do that, 34% of them apparently are in the class of 2014, please know that interest does accrue on then. so you can actual pay back interest each month which is lower p perntage than what you are actually paying back. that is one important thing to remember. the other thing, gerri, there is
5:19 am
income-based repayment. if you were able to work that out with your lender you could actually pay at a smaller percentage. so if you're making $30,000, let's say, you can pay a fraction what you would typically be paying if working that out with your lender, which is another great option for students struggling. gerri: they don't want you to pay anymore of 10% of disposable income under that plan. >> exactly. gerri: that is a big lifesaver for those out there that accrued a ton ever debt. when looking at all the loans, what do you make of them? people have multiple loans. some times they have high rate debt, some low rate debt, what do they do about that? >> that is an important thing to look out. those looking to take out loans, sometimes seeps as though it is fake money where you pay it back at anytime, i know, and it's a real problem. i have a lot of friends who struggle with that i'm 25, graduated three years ago and still have friends living at home struggling to make their payments. many of them deferred or if you had the federal loans you had six months where you could, you
5:20 am
know, work and not have to pay anything back. and then after that, they were hit with these astronomical prices and they were like, wow, i can't afford that. that is where it is becoming quite difficult for some of these people, especially when you're facing a tough job market and tough economic climate for young people with youth unemployment at 18.1%. so i think a lot of young people are facing many economic struggles right now and when they see their student loan repayment plans, they just want to hit themselves in the head and say why did i do this? that is very easy to do to get discouraged but i think it is important for them to remember they do have these options and can work with their lender to make it more feasible to pay these back. it is not shocking seeing 44% of the young people are moving back home which wasn't in their original plan just to make their own student loan payments each month. gerri: one final question. you mentioned that people should have jobs that help with the loans. what do you mean by that? >> yeah. i think it is important to recognize as well that a lot of jobs in the social services as
5:21 am
well as in the federal government sector, they actually will help you pay back your loans with repayment perhaps. i actually had worked for the federal government when i first came out of college and what they did was they actually would, they put, i think $200 toward it a month where they help you with your repayment plan programs. that is an important thing to remember. if you're working, i believe a couple of different teaching ones like teach for america, the americorps program, if you go into social services such as that they will have student loan forgiveness programs. if you're really struggling to find a job and very underwater when it comes to paying back your debt, please remember that those options are available as well. so, again, don't file for bankruptcy. i've seen quite a few of my friend struggle with this and is definitely not fun to go through. but you can do some things here. gerri: you can't get your student loan debt dischard through bankruptcy. >> no. gerri: doesn't make any sense at all. ashley, thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much, gerri.
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gerri: thank you. coming up later in the show, one company reach as big pay day for reverse discrimination but is it legal? and next, going high-tech that is, would you spend as much money on a smart toilet as you did on your first car? you won't believe wt these johns can do. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back
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switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. gerri: have you ever heard of a smart toilet? they're very popular in japan. now some companies are betting biggs that americans will fork over tore toilets with bluetooth, foot warmers, automatic liz. take a look. we went to the ferguson showroom in new york's architects and designers building. where the professionals go to
5:26 am
pick out high-end fixture for luxury homes. so, ed, show me what you have here. >> what we have here, gerri, is the cola toilet. this is way it would be when you walk up to it. the whole trick. gerri: whoa, wait, wait. i don't have to pull it up myself. >> you did that by walking in front ever the toilet. see how you raised lid? now toilets can be uses two ways, sit down or in some cases you can stand up. you don't want to touch the seat, see that little blue light. normally a foot would be there. the seat comes up automatically. so no matter who is using the toilet it is hands-free. gerri: that ingenius. i like that. what is this? >> this is the control panel right here. there is remote. it is bluetooth compatible so you can do certain things with yourur smartphone like your put your own tunes on it, music, maybe get phone calls. but anyway, if you like some music and you don't have your
5:27 am
smartphone, right over here, we could start playing music. it has preprogrammed tunes. now hear that? it is ocean. that is to relax you. we don't want to startle you. this surprise is going to, going to knock your socks off. if you want to be sanitary, you don't need any toilet paper. a wand comes up and will wash -- gerri: everything. >> and it is, an oscillating spray. so it will take care of you, you don't need toilet paper. very sanitary way. they have been using that in europe for year. gerri: very french. a ba day. >> heated seat as well, will keep you nice and warm. if you want heated feet as well there, is little blower at base and warm air will blow on your feet and keep you nice and warm down there. gerri: not just kohler peddling pricey potties to the public. david finkel is fourth generation toilet tycoon. >> this is the version of
5:28 am
high-tech toilet. a number of manufacturers are doing similar to kohler, bringing the badet functionality, lights, drying, heating, all the fun features into their toilets. gerri: there is toe toe too. the japanese company has godzilla size share of that country's smart toilet market. they're trying to capture america's lust of lux labs. the toto neorest is $6500. the innovations are happening in other parts ever the bathroom like the shower. >> this is one of the coolest, high-tech shower heads you will ever see. in the middle is the surprise. you can pull out this little speaker right here and this hooks up to your smartphone. you can take your tunes and podcasts right in the shower. it pops right into place. gerri: if you want a first class seat but can only afford business class, there is solution for that too. kohler and toto both make heated toilet seat badet combination that start around $900. if that makes you feel like
5:29 am
doing procurement for the pentagon, ferguson sells seats with built-in night lights. they are just about 100 bucks. built-in night lights. who would think of that? when we were at the architects and designers building david showed us hot products for kitchen which included, get this, touchless faucets. that help stop spread of illness because you're not touching the defies with your dirty hands of the we want to know think? here is our question tonight, would you buy a smart toilet? you don't have to pay $7,000. they're available at other price points. log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. here at "willis report" we're most concerned with your bottom line of course, which renovation projects have biggest bang for your bucks? check this out from remodeling magazine. the biggest return, replacing ugly entry door and turning your attic into a bedroom. pricier projects with best return, replacing garage door
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and windows. where did we see kitchens and baths, nowhere, right? look what you're clicking on, consumer spending takes a hit. commerce department said spending in april fell .1 of 1%. that is first decline for a year. consumer spending accounts for 2/3 of economic activity. another report showed consumer sentiment declined in may from previous month. stocks ending mostly higher amid weak consumer data. dow and s&p hitting closing highs. california, new york and six other states are vowing to put 3.3 million electric cars on their roads and highways by 2025. the states are looking to step up public charging stations for electric cars and to create more incentive for drivers to ditch those gas powered cars in favor of electric or hydrogen fuel cells. facebook's mark zuckerberg and his wife priscscilla are donating $120 million to the san francisco bay area public school system. the donation will be spread out over the next five years.
5:31 am
this follows $100 million donation zuckerberg made to newark, new jersey schools four years ago. that was criticized in new yorker article for funds not going to people who needed it. those are some of the hot stories right now on coming up later in the show your voice. i will read your tweets and facebook comments. make sure you send me a tweet or facebook me at gerri willis@fbn. sun is out and so are the sun lovers but are you protects from its rays? we have the best sunscreens to use this summer. stay with us. ♪. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications
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>> from our fox business studios in new york, here again is gerri willis. gerri: welcome back to the willis will pour. we all know that we should wear sunscreen, but many of us, and many men, do not. we have a doctor with us of the american academy of dermatology. thank you for coming on the show. let's start with something a little bit different. you know a lot about tanning beds, the rules are changing. why is that? >> big news from the fda whippets. for the third time in about 20 years, the tanning beds are going to be classified as more dangerous than devices. gerri: acquired a dangerous? >> the ultra violet radiation that comes out is 10 to 20 times stronger than reels online. gerri: i understand that you have patients who have skin
5:36 am
cancer in places they would never expect because they use tanning beds? >> yes, we are seeing a rise in melanoma and young women and a lot of these women, what they do differently if go to tanning beds about seven or eight times more frequently. gerri: i understand from you that melanoma can also be life-threatening. can you explain that? >> no annulment assize of dime on your skin can actually have already spread, 50% chance of spreading, that is what makes it so lethal. once it spreads, nothing works. >> we have lots of different kinds of sunscreen. there is the old-fashioned lotion, which he like best? >> i personally like sprays. people like them and they are easy to use. gerri: okay, do you missed
5:37 am
certain parts of your body and do you miss them? >> usually do two coats of the spray. gerri: if i keep the sunscreen around in my glove compartment, or in my purse? >> yes, it's a good idea to keep it. however, sunscreen will decompose if you even in the heat. so you want to keep it in your purse and take it with you. gerri: do i need all of this? >> guesstimate you is all of this come about for your entire body. so heaping tablespoon. gerri: glassworks for people this summer, will those who are going to be out in the csonka may sun come and they want to be in the sun, what they need to do
5:38 am
to protect themselves, can you tell us that? >> wear a hat, longsleeved than you can, where sunscreen regularly and avoid the raise that to me the strongest. that will lower your risk of getting skin cancer later in life. gerri: you make a great point. doctor, thank you for coming on the show. >> it is my pleasure. gerri: coming up next, re you taking your pet on a trip? how do you do that? with travel safety for your dog. and gas prices picking up. a penny from yesterday. these are the numbers that matter to you, and we will be right
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
gerri: welcome at the time of of year when many of us hit the road. it's summertime, more and re americans are taking their related emily members along for a ride. joining me now is this veterinarian who is with the pet insurance company pet plan.
5:42 am
okay, can i just use the first aid kit that i use for myself? >> you can, but with a few s. yo becare aut t thinse. andhningsehden xi, it rlypo toae. tohatgi tt tuct thpetsake group it's poison. but you should never do that in less instructed me on what should we have in their? have a leash and hydrogen peroxide? >> the pet thermometer is a good idea. a pet only thermometer, not one they use for the kids. it's agd. we also have these as well.
5:43 am
>> why do i need that? >> gloves are always a good idea so you don't get it certain things on your hands. gerri: do you want to tell us a little bit about connie the dog in that. >> remapped. >> she's three years old and a french bulldog, one of our policyholders from pat plant. gerri: how cute, she's adorable. gerri: what kind of things can i do? you're bringing up things and i'm thinking, if i was to do that, i would be totally nervous. >> this is all a stopgap. so it's really difficult at times. this gives you the basic steps of things to do before you go to the veterinarian. so you should have some gauze to put a bandage on many lacerations. gerri: okay, that sounds great. so what if you're flying or driving and what you need to think in mind when you travel?
5:44 am
>> you comply with your pet, some small dogs are allowed in the cabin. it's one of those things that if you can avoid going with your pet, then try to do so. >> when you take them? >> make sure you assess any health problems they have. you have that health certificate, and there are certain lines you have to go through as well. gerri: what else you have remapped. >> if we don't have to medicate them, we would rather not. gerri: everyone wants to travel with their pets, obviously. any words of wisdom? >> there are some great pet friendly hotels even look up. some say we want your pets and we want your business. take your medical records in case something goes wrong. gerri: that is more than i ever
5:45 am
would've thought of on my own. thank you so much for coming on the show. connie, you are cute and i have to touch you. all, what a cutie. okay, by "two cents more" is coming up next. and a man is suing $4 million and a man is suing $4 million after saying that he [ female announcer ] this allergy season,
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gerri: some of her but people are calling it a case of reverse discrimination. the officer accused of awarding of policechiefs job to an officer with your qualifications and a lower test scores.
5:49 am
the jury agreed. here to debate the case is built on thin. from the fox news legal team, lis wiehl. okay, so this guy comes in and says i should have a job that? >> absolutely, his resume was nursing with credentials, he was first in his class, graduated with a masters degree. he was the man for the job. barely had a high school degree, clearly things were being moved and shaken to put him in this. discrimination is discrimination, whether you are whitelock or anything else. >> i don't agree. notwithstanding the jury's verdict, the actual truth is that the gentleman who was in the position and was already signed for the position was hispanic, he had more time the police force and to
5:50 am
administrative positions and he knew the mayor, an african-american mayor, so it wasn't a minority orienteering discrimination situation already. so -- >> thank you, you just made my case for me. because he was able to come out and say we have our first hispanic police chief here. that is not really what they should be counting on but counting on the resume and experience and that is it. race should not be a factor. >> well, first of all on that note, the educational experience, this guy had a law degree and etc. but you don't necessarily have to have all these degrees. 42% of the community is latin for hispanic. >> but you don't hire someone because they reflect the community. you hire someone because they are the right person or the job.
5:51 am
gerri: that is interesting. what you say? okay, if i am representing an all hispanic community, do i have to be hispanic rematches no. >> you do not have to be hispanic, but i will tell you that this is just a predicament. if they selected the white gentlemen, and the community it might've been worse than the lawsuit. >> i completely disagree because of the qualifications that this man had. he had the qualifications and anybody can see that he has the qualifications and he should get the job. >> he had the qualifications of education but not of experience. >> that esn't matter. >> i just want to say that there is a rule that you don't have to take the person with the highest score. >> love how you're making my point for me. it's just crazy. you take the person at is best qualified for the job and that's
5:52 am
not what happened here. and that's what the jury decided. >> but the jury is never wrong, as we know. gerri: so how do they actually prove discrimination and what was the turning point? >> the jury takes that and the community as we talked about. >> they have more experience on the fourth on a particular forest. >> the people had to move him around and they were just trying to make sure that he was going to get that job eventually. where is my guide and do that.
5:53 am
>> it's much longer. he may have had more experience that he but he was not from the community he can live there. >> again, you make my point. >> the defendants could have said, you know what? we want this guy, there has been past discrimination in the past and that is why there is such a thing as affirmative action. and what they did was they said that he's not hispanic. gerri: okay, the last comment. >> the bottom line is that the gentleman was very talented, excellent on the fourth am a.
5:54 am
>> the jury in his community decided that bill white guy was more qualified. we don't like to talk about it, but it's out there. gerri: thank you so much. now we want to hear from you. here's what some of your posting on my facebook page about austin tonight. would you buy a smart toilet? sam said, well, there are times when i prefer to that there are no possibilities of toilet malfunction. and another says yes, just for the fun of it. a great conversation piece when guesser at the house. >> and helen says no, i would like to think that i'm smarter than the toilet. >> and another says only if i was flushed out of other optioos. the data?
5:55 am
loni from florida says the welfare program needs to have a time limit to encourage individuals to learn a trade or get a steady job and then there will not be a reason to collect welfare checks. and jean says that this includes lazy people, so many guys and gals spouses can't find work. they have decided to sit on unemployment and not even try to find work. with all of the available programs, the whole system is a joke. the federal government needs to stop wasting billions on programs and create some real jobs. not the nonsense that is going on. sending e-mail, go to and we will be right back with my "two cents more" and the answer to our question of the day wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase.
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things to spend on. that is my "two cents more". that is it for tonight "willis report", thank you for joining us. do not forget to dvr the show if you can't catch us live. we will see you on monday.♪ ♪ ♪ >> last week i said that if we found misconduct, it would be punished and i meant it. a few minutes ago eric shinseki offered me his resignation and i accepted with considerable regret. neil: secretary eric shinseki was out. but thproblem is remain. problems have been piling up for decades now under this president and the president before him so removing a figurehead doesn't remove the problem with the figure. we spent a lot of money and we do not seem to


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